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Origin of METRA


Announcement: Symbol, Formal WP and Seriously decided to deploy METRA and METRAtest at GateChain.

METRA - Metralletas.com

* Advanced cryptocurrency trading tools *
* Stack *
* Games items trading messageboard *

Just one coin or token called METRA

Singular WhitePaper done 17/05/2021 - Working on a formal WP also

Test our alpha developments and get the full versions freely, just until before the METRA Launching.

"Shib Alert" works thanks to Gate.io real time data.

Run antivirus of your own to take care your self. Shib Alert is virus scanned previously with McAfee and no detection.


Shib Alert V.1: Basic Version of Shib Alert. *click img to download. **done18052021

Shib Alert v.2: Customizable Pairs selectable and Triangle values and On/Off Completely the Shib Alert V1 alarm. *soon **done24052021 ***fixed and done.

Shib Alert v.3: 12 selected graphs singular view with dual graphs overlaying with transparency. With for extra windows but without dual graph overlaying feature. *soon after

Shib Alert v.4: 2D over on visual world randomly located when you get on the pair globe shows data about the pair. With an AK-47 in UI to shoot the pair to make it off. Bullets quantity: 30/90. *soon later

v.5 is the METRA. *soon very later after

Shiba Alert V.1 OVA: We could make a tool for another Dantta arts style called Mining. Like giving 10 set of alarms on our default 2 pairs version Shib Alert V.1 with high or lower constant square flashing. *Keep dreaming. **We add this feature to our Shib Alert v.2. ***Coming really soon. ****24052021